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Starting pole for the first time?


A "term" at House of Pole Ireland is 4 weeks long. Terms are on set dates. The following is our term structure for the year. All dates are inclusive and we are open during public and bank holidays. 


Term 1: April 17th - May 14th

Term 2: May 15th - June 11th 

Term 3: June 12th - July 9th

Term 4: July 10th - August 6th

Term 5: August 7th - September 3rd

Term 6: September 4th - October 1st

Term 7: October 2nd - October 29th

Term 8: October 30th - November 26th

Term 9: November 27th - December 24th


Chrome Plan: 1 class per week/4 credits per term

  • Valid for 4 weeks (dates specified on TeamUp)

  • Price: €65.00

Brass Plan: 2 classes per week/ 8 credits per term
  • Valid for 4 weeks (dates specified on TeamUp)

  • Price: €110.00

Stainless Steel Plan: 3 classes per week/ 12 classes per term
  • Valid for 4 weeks (dates specified on TeamUp)

  • Price: €150.00

Bumper Packs
  • If you buy one of our plans and realise you want to take more classes than you have credits for, you can purchase a “Bumper Class Pack” of additional classes to add onto your term: 

  • Gimme Gimme More: 4 Extra Classes Bumper Pack - €65

  • Oops I Did It Again: 6 Extra Classes Bumper Pack - €98

  • These bumper packs have the same expiry date as the regular memberships, so they MUST be used up before the final date. No exceptions.

Dublin Pricelist



Our prices are based on 4-week memberships that last from one specific calendar date to another. E.g. Term 1: 17th of April - 14th May.

All purchased class credits must be used/booked inside the dates of that four week period. They are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


If you are away or ill, you can rebook your classes at other times inside the term. The exception to this rule is cancellations within 24 hours of the class. These will be defined as "late cancellations" and may not be reclaimed. This rule is in place to protect our staff’s livelihoods, as well as to make sure everyone has the best chance of booking their desired class. 

The membership for the following terms will go on sale after week 2 of the current term (e.g. Term 2 will go on sale on the 1st of May). 

Don't panic if the calendar looks bare, the next term's classes will be available to book the moment the next term's memberships go live! 

Our classes are planned to meet demand. If you love a particular class - show us by booking it! Unpopular classes will be replaced with more popular ones, so show us what you love by signing up to your favourites.

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